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NIP: 7772925776

Poznań, Poland


What JANCY company can do for you?

In every company purchases involve a lot of responsibility, time pressure, speeding up, delays, deficiencies and surpluses, lack of space in a warehouse, spending time on purchases which are important but little relevant from the point of view of company’s strategy. The Quality Department needs a certification for the delivered steel?—Go to the Purchasing Department. The Finance Department analyses cash flow and needs longer payment dates?—Go to the Purchasing Department. The Logistics Department and the Warehouse need more space in the warehouse or different method of packing the delivered goods—Go to the Purchasing Department. The Sales Department promised a Client a short term of delivery of spare parts, but they are not in stock—Go to the Purchasing Department. The Production Department wants to speed up, but has nothing to produce surpluses from?—Go to the Purchasing Department. JANCY is well aware that in each organisation all roads always lead to purchases and sets its sights on the shortest, fastest and most effective way in your organisation.

From the perspective of reasons for which it is worthwhile to decide to co-operate with JANCY, you should take a closer look at the main reason—the lack of specific competences in the organisation and the necessity of carrying out a change. In the first case, JANCY is a source of know-how, which leaves the organisation after completion of the project,  the second case is often about a change to be carried out by a person from outside so that after completing the project the managerial staff could further operate without suffering culture/personnel costs—emotional results of changes among company’s staff.

JANCY offers services in the scope of:


Sourcing lasts usually between 3 and 12 months, depending on the quality and availability of data. Scope of the service: sourcing, negotiations, determination of the formula of co-operation with a supplier and conclusion of trade agreements.

Purchase Restructuring

The co-operation may take place at two levels: as an expert supporting the current Purchase Manager or as the Purchase Manager (the Interim Management formula), whose task is to restructure the Purchasing Department and pass it to a new Purchasing Manager. Duration of the project: between 3 (building up the department structure, workflow, documentation, routines) and 9 months (stabilisation and maturity phases and building up key purchasing competences).

Purchase Projects

JANCY may participate in the project in the following roles: project manager, implementator, visionary, member of an internal project group, external expert. The project duration depends on client’s expectations, effect to be achieved and the level of interdisciplinarity.

Co-operation offer

A co-operation offer based on partner business relations is directed in particular to:

Production, trading, state-owned or private enterprises

If you want to increase the profitability through reduction of costs connected with its operation or you need the purchasing to be restructured—call us or write to us. We will response within 24 h.

Consulting companies

If you work in a consulting company, execute a project from the field of supply chain, optimisation or savings, and you need a purchasing expert in your team—call us or write to us. We will response within 24 h.

Training companies

If you work in a training company and you’re looking for a coach with broad knowledge and interesting professional experience in the corporate battlefield, call us or write to us. We will response within 24 h.

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