Poznań, Poland
NIP: 7772925776
NIP: 7772925776

Poznań, Poland


Knowledge Generate Savings

Want to iintroduce quickly a new product and need effective and quick sourcing, but don’t want to hire additional employee on a regular job contract? Need availability 24/7, flexibility and mobility? Need negotiations of purchasing contracts and pricing agreements? Have many suppliers and would like to consolidate them?

The Buyer identifies internal organisation purchasing needs, find local or international suppliers,, negotiate price, negotiate economic order quantity, lead time, payment terms and conditions, service level agreements during suppliers audits, suppliers qualification, action trade contracts and arrange the first purchase and goods delivery.

JANCY company provides its sourcing knowledge, state-of-art soucing tools, strong negotiations skills, innovative approach, out-of-the box thinking and cost structure understanding. JANCY company goal is to involve the suppliers to improve their level of exellence and motivate them to decrease costs by providing them a chance to be innovative, search for savings being focused on intrests of all Purchasing related departments, such as: Logistics and Warehouse, Finance, Quality Assurance, Production.

Is this service for you? YES, if:

You generate costs
You have no Strategic Purchasing Department
You don’t want to incur additional costs connected with employment of a Merchant on a full time basis
You want to start generating savings
You want to verify prices
You want to make reasonable and conscious purchases

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin